• Scarleto.Lui

    Hi @ all and welcome...

    x-mas is coming, and we will celebrate it with a little contribution-contest for the Zet-Wiki ;)

    the winner / s will get a assistent reward...(more infos = read more)->

    Here the Main Rules:

    • all player (in group or not) can participle
    • you must not register here (but would be better) to add photos / infos (not registered player should leave the Ninja Zet ID under the post/comment)
    • you didn not need to edit any page (if you didnt know how it works)
    • Rewards will be send short time after X-Mas
    • if you Register here,but not via facebook,then leave with each comment your ingame-ID)

    Contest 1:  Picture Contribution (Start: 09 Dezember / End: 22 Dezember)

    • the 2 contributer with the most pic-uploads will get a reward...
      • 1st place 50 - 70 Jade
      • 2nd pl…
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  • Scarleto.Lui

    New ideas....

    October 31, 2013 by Scarleto.Lui

    lets here talk about new ideas..which kind of wishes you may have for future ...maybe ideas about special events or something like that....;)

    example: i would suggest to make an x-mas special with 2 new special missions. 1st mission should be a mission where we could get 1-2- or 3 new skills for our main avatar....2nd mission should be a guardian special again. welll for x-mas would be a guardian like "warrior snowman" or "Red Nose Rudolph" a nice i dea ...and new skills could be like " Freeze" or "Snowball Strike"...somehting like that....what you guys think about that??? have you may a better idea?? lets talk about it, and then lets suggest it to ninja zet :D

    or which kind of new skills would you wish for future,or which guardian??? tell m…

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  • Scarleto.Lui

    when some1 of you missing some information...or special guid for something about ninja zet then please tell us here. thx ;)

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