Hi @ all and welcome...

x-mas is coming, and we will celebrate it with a little contribution-contest for the Zet-Wiki ;)

the winner / s will get a assistent reward...(more infos = read more)->

Here the Main Rules:

  • all player (in group or not) can participle
  • you must not register here (but would be better) to add photos / infos (not registered player should leave the Ninja Zet ID under the post/comment)
  • you didn not need to edit any page (if you didnt know how it works)
  • Rewards will be send short time after X-Mas
  • if you Register here,but not via facebook,then leave with each comment your ingame-ID)

Contest 1:  Picture Contribution (Start: 09 Dezember / End: 22 Dezember)

  • the 2 contributer with the most pic-uploads will get a reward...
    • 1st place 50 - 70 Jade
    • 2nd place 30 - 50 Jade
  • before uploading the picture, please cut the pic that it looks similar to the other pics
  • just picture which we dont have in this wiki will count

(just pics with "Coming soon!!!" pic-info on a page we need and will count)

(the best is that you visit each page to find this "coming soon" pics ;) )


Contest 1:  Info Collector (Start: 09 Dezember / End: 22 Dezember)

  • just the 1 contributer/info collector with the most edits/helps will get a reward
  • Reward 20 - 50 Jade (more infos = higher reward)
  • the info collection counts just for pages which have the info->" XluiX "

(this "XluiX" - info is on different pages, but mostly on the "Quest-Drop Guide Normal/Special)

so keep it up and try to be the first,esspecialy after new missions released ;)

  • Special: i need for the wiki a complete list off all skills with the "Cooldown + Distance AND Range" infos ( range you can just see in the battles before using a skill)

Note: all contributions could be post/ comment here (just click "Post Comment" or "Reply" button...then are you also able to upload pics here which i will include later into the wiki)

Note 2: be sure that your pic/ comment is a new (if you post here a pic which other user have posted faster as you then your pic will not count)

!!! For all Player / Contributer i wish good luck & have fun !!!

All Player which Participe will get the chance to Win an Extra Reward (a X-Mas Present)

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